How to use water more efficiently

A gesture as simple and everyday for us as opening the tap and getting water, can become a miracle for thousands and thousands of people. The lack of water is an increasingly important problem, we should all become aware of the importance of this and try to put our grain of sand to save all we can, and for this we must take into account simple everyday gestures with which to get it.

The potential of wind energy

Wind energy is one of the technologies cheaper to obtain renewable energy. You can compete with new coal-fired plants and is cheaper than new nuclear power plants folladas. The cost of wind power varies in function of numerous factors. On average, a wind farm in a good location can cost between 4 and 5 euro cents per unit, while nuclear power costs between 5 and 9 cents, although in this cost are not internalized the costs of scrapping the plant, decontamination and transport, and storage of nuclear waste. This internalization of the costs that the generation of electricity through wind power is the cheapest.

Really, how does a wind turbine or a plant of wind turbines work? In reality, a wind turbine is a aeroturbina (turbine that uses air for their operation) used to operate an electric generator. Its function is to convert the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy, as we explained Emilien Simonot, from the technical department of the Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE).

Should I use LED bulbs?

When we talk about replacing our incandescent bulbs, halogen or fluorescent, the first question that comes to mind is how much I will save with the change? And it is normal, because that is the main factor used by manufacturers to enhance their sales.

And it is true, assumes a power saving, but we must also be aware that the LED illumination brings another set of advantages. Some, such as the maintenance savings also mean a saving but equally important is the type of light which give. Reaching these sometimes to be better than the halogen used, with option for be regulated in intensity if they are Dimmables, or generate less heat, ideal if you have several points of light in the room.

How to optimize the energy used at home

Appliances concentrate a good part of the expense in the home. Require maintenance and consume a large portion of the domestic energy. It is therefore very important for the family savings make the most of them and to optimize its consumption, and for this reason it is fundamental to their correct location and proper use. We offer you some tips about it:

If the kitchen appliances are located in the right place, you will help to prolong its useful life, to surrender to the maximum and to prevent electrical faults with the consequent saving of mvideoporno repairs. The fridge, for example, there is that place out of sources of heat such as the oven, the hob or the heating to prevent overheating and malfunction, which may lead to low efficacy or electrical complications .

Smart Energy Demand Coalition

The SEDC is an industry group dedicated to making the demand side a smart and interactive part of the energy value chain. The challenges that European power systems are facing today following the energy transition can be surmounted only through the intelligent cooperation between consumption, distribution, transmission and generation, acting as equal partners in a holistic energy system; […]