How to use water more efficiently

A gesture as simple and everyday for us as opening the tap and getting water, can become a miracle for thousands and thousands of people. The lack of water is an increasingly important problem, we should all become aware of the importance of this and try to put our grain of sand to save all we can, and for this we must take into account simple everyday gestures with which to get it.

10 steps to save water

1. Buy eco-friendly appliances and do not forget to put the washing machine and the dishwasher with the full load and the right program. Hand washing means consuming 40% more water.

2. Do not use water to thaw food, take it out of the freezer in sufficient time, you will avoid a totally unnecessary expense.

3. Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, shave or soothe your hands. An open faucet consumes up to 12 liters of water per minute.

4. Do not bathe, shower, and also turn off the tap while you are soaping, as well as significantly reduce water consumption.

5. Put a trash can in the bathroom, remember that the toilet is not a trash can and that those discharges from the cistern are totally unnecessary and easy to avoid. In addition to saving water, every time you flush the cistern between 6 and 12 liters of water, you will also prevent the residue that you throw through the drain 1 / 4e from plugging it and thus make it difficult for the water purifiers to work.

6. Do not run the tap to cool the water, have a bottle in the refrigerator, and if you put a pitcher of water on the table, remember that the leftover you can use it perfectly to wash the vegetables and water the plants.

7. Place filters in faucets and showers, reduce consumption up to 50%.

8. Keep the faucets in your home ready, repairing those who need it, so you will avoid dripping; Keep in mind that a drop means nothing, but 30 drops per second mean a cost of 15 liters of water a day, simple to avoid if we take care of repair faulty faucets.

9. Install a double-button tank so you can reduce water consumption by half.

10. If you have plants, water them at night or at dawn, you will prevent the sun from evaporating the water and you will not have to water them so often.+