How to optimize the energy used at home

Appliances concentrate a good part of the expense in the home. Require maintenance and consume a large portion of the domestic energy. It is therefore very important for the family savings make the most of them and to optimize its consumption, and for this reason it is fundamental to their correct location and proper use. We offer you some tips about it:

If the kitchen appliances are located in the right place, you will help to prolong its useful life, to surrender to the maximum and to prevent electrical faults with the consequent saving of mvideoporno repairs. The fridge, for example, there is that place out of sources of heat such as the oven, the hob or the heating to prevent overheating and malfunction, which may lead to low efficacy or electrical complications .

Heat and the creation of energy

In the case of the oven, we must make sure that all the furniture that are around have to be resistant to temperatures of at least 90ºC. So same should be left a gap between the oven and the back of the appliance, because the heat it gives off must have space to move about so as not to provoke the overheating of the circuits. The microwave is not too demanding or require a excessive maintenance, but should be kept away from moisture. It should not be installed never exterior. Not be placed under a boiler or heater, because a water leak could cause a short circuit.

In terms of the glass-ceramic is very convenient to place a protective cap to prevent breakage of crystals, which is one of the most common problems with this device. Many of the tips that we offer to the maintenance and saving seem to be an evidence of so logical, but if a review of the provision of all the appliances in your home, it is more than likely to find that not met many of them.

Where should I install the appliances?

The washing machine is another appliance whose location determines its operation. It should never be installed outdoors or in very cold places. It is the most common mistake and causes great harm to its functioning. It is also not recommended to place it on a carpet. There are those who do so to avoid the noise of the spin cycle. If so, the base of the machine must not be obstructed. And should always be an air space with the furniture that you have at hand, both for the contact that can cause the rattle as the moisture and heat that often transmitted.

However, even if we follow all of these recommendations, location and use, a periodic review of the equipment will prevent callbacks and future problems. And we must not forget other ways of saving as the electricity tariffs that best suit our needs. But that’s another issue.