Should I use LED bulbs?

When we talk about replacing our incandescent bulbs, halogen or fluorescent, the first question that comes to mind is how much I will save with the change? And it is normal, because that is the main factor used by manufacturers to enhance their sales.

And it is true, assumes a power saving, but we must also be aware that the LED illumination brings another set of advantages. Some, such as the maintenance savings also mean a saving but equally important is the type of light which give. Reaching these sometimes to be better than the halogen used, with option for be regulated in intensity if they are Dimmables, or generate less heat, ideal if you have several points of light in the room.

Save as much energy as you can

But let’s revisit the topic of saving. In recent years, the electricity tariff has increased by over 60%. In this situation it is important to have appliances and devices energy-efficient. Within these products, the LED lighting has a site. The savings generated by an LED bulb with respect to the other depends on the watts consumed but also in the maintenance costs.

Is it worth it?

The price of a LED bulb can vary from 10 euros to 60 euros of the latest models. As already discussed, in function of the power, opening angle of the light and type of cap affect the final price. But, to make an estimate, set at 20 euros, the price of each bulb. Change ten light bulbs in house lamps with LEDs will require an outlay of 200 euros. Nearly the savings that we would make in a year.

But if we add up the energy savings the cost of changing bulbs after their useful life, the savings will increase. Those same ten light bulbs of low consumption cost us 60 euros. Then was it worth it? Yes although you have to view it as an investment more long-term.