Porn sculptures, why not?

Sculptures placed outdoors with images like a woman masturbating, another doing a fellatio or a couple having anal sex in the frequented Marina of Valencia have generated controversy in Spain. Conceived by local artist Antoni Miró inspired by ancient Greek ceramics, they are a preview of an upcoming exhibition at a new cultural center in Valencia’s Marina, said a spokeswoman for the consortium that manages the space in the port city of eastern Spain.

But the sculptures have been criticized by those who believe they are not appropriate for a walk frequented by children like the Navy of Valencia. The conservative association Foro de la Familia stated that “the exhibition in public streets of these figures that represent fellations, masturbations, with exposed genitals and reproducing diverse sexual practices, with high explicit sexual content and of very dubious taste”, could violate the law for the protection of minors.

Corruption in Spanish universities

The official inauguration of the academic year has been used by the rector to remind political leaders of the needs of the University, the shortage of teaching staff, the few resources for research or the debt, always present in speeches. In addition to making a balance of what was done the previous year, of the attainment of objectives and of the fulfillment of its electoral program. But on this occasion, the current political situation has forced a drastic change of script: with the cases of the masters and doctoral theses of politicians daily in the media, José Ángel Narváez devoted more than half of his speech to analysing these “deplorable and unjustifiable facts” within the university institution which, he regretted, are calling into question university education, the efforts of students and the work of its professors.

In a very critical tone, he referred, without expressly citing it, to the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, the center of the controversy over these master’s cases, which have cost the resignation of the Minister of Health and reached the Supreme Court in that of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado. On the other hand, he did not mention the case of the doctorate of the President of the Government, which he did at a private university. “The public university cannot tolerate matters of this type happening and from here I want to condemn them and defend the work and effort of students, and the responsibility, ethics and commitment of all those who make up the university community.

Is being gay still a problem?

In principle, it should be mentioned that the issue of discrimination against homosexuals is an issue on which a large part of the population will sell to mention that it is getting better and better, because this is how information is being presented in different media. However, it is worth emphasizing that the respective reports and analyses are prepared by organizations that study this kind of phenomena, in order to reach a conclusion that data and verified information are available, to confirm whether or not they occur in this way. We often hear critics about people who watch pornhub gay, but it is the same natural behaviour than heterosexual people.

Sex and porno make you a better person

Incredibly, Psychology Today claims that, contrary to general perception, the consumption of pornography on the Internet brings social benefits. For a long time, he has been accused of promoting sexual irresponsibility, divorce, assault and rape. With the growth of the Internet since the late 1990s, with sites like, access to pornography on the Internet also became much easier. However, recent research shows that harmful behaviors, far from increasing, have decreased.

For example, since 1990, the abortion rate in the United States has dropped by 41%; syphilis has decreased by 74%; and gonorrhea has decreased by 57%. Adolescent sex is also declining, with the number of young people who have had sex declining by 7% since 1991, while condom use has risen by 16% and the rate of unwanted pregnancies by 33%. Divorce is another social aspect that has dropped by 23%, while since 1995, rape has declined by 44%.

What are transgenic foods?

Transgenic foods are foods that include in their composition some ingredient from an organism into which a genetically engineered gene from another species has been incorporated. Thanks to biotechnology, a gene can be transferred from one organism to another in order to provide it with some special quality it lacks. In this way, transgenic plants can resist pests, withstand droughts, or better resist some herbicides. In Europe, not all types of GMOs are authorised, only some of them can be cultivated and subsequently marketed.

Since their birth, transgenics have been the subject of much controversy. There are fanatical followers and unrelenting detractors. For example, Juan Felipe Carrasco, agronomist and responsible for Greenpeace’s Campaign against GMOs in Spain, believes that “industrial agriculture, which is currently being sold to us as one that produces food for all humanity, unfortunately, is also producing a great deal of irreversible damage“.

¿Deberían legalizarse las putas?

El asunto concerniente a la legalización de la prostitución es un tema que despierta muchas opiniones, miradas, acusaciones, votos a favor, etc. Más allá de lo anterior, lo que debe quedar claro desde el principio, es que es un tema espinoso en el que siempre se pueden identificar factores a favor y en contra de las mujeres que follan por dinero. A continuación se exploran los principales argumentos que avalan las ventajas y las desventajas de la legalización de este tipo de actividad.

Is it really important to recycle?

Why should we recycle at home? We can all participate in recycling, and this will bring a feeling of well-being to the interior of the house and, of course, to the environment. According to statistics from the National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, in countries such as Mexico almost 1 kg of garbage per person is produced daily. Let’s think about the number of inhabitants of the home and the days of the year. Let’s multiply… as a result we have: Just a lot of rubbish!

We produce a lot of garbage, right… but a good part of it can be salvaged. The same report gives encouraging figures, since a good part of the waste generated at home is reusable and/or organic materials (almost 80%), and this is where recycling comes in.

Can porno improve quality of life?

A recent study found that consuming pornography is not as harmful to sex life, but other experts point to the opposite. The debate is hot. The pornography industry is one of the most lucrative in the world and the consumption figures for these materials are increasing, as shown at sir porno. And just as these numbers are increasing, the controversy over their influence on the life of a couple has become heated.

Several studies and experts have pointed out that porn can affect the sexual behavior of people, especially in the younger. However, recent research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that it is not as harmful as it is believed.

Energy benefits of condensing boilers

Condensing boilers are much more than a gas boiler, condensation is the technology that provides the highest performance and, therefore, the most environmentally friendly and low gas consumption generates heating and water hot. Its capacity to take advantage of much of the heat lost in the form of steam in the combustion smoke generates an extra performance that consumes between 15 and 30% less gas depending on the type and use of installation.

Condensation boilers are suitable for any type of installation. Whether it is a radiator or underfloor heating installation, all of them produce considerable fuel savings. In fact, the greater the consumption of heating, the more profitable is its use since its efficiency is maximized when the installation works at a lower temperature.

Why is so efficient?

When we talk about porn websites, beeg is one of the most valued thanks to its simple design and quality of the videos. In an industry as oversaturated as pornography, sometimes less is more and minimalism is appreciated to reduce the consumption of resources.

Many times we do not think about the environmental impact that our daily actions can have, and despite the taboos and Christian morality that invades Western society, there is no denying that porn is very present in our daily life. The Internet can be a much more efficient channel if the web pages know how to get the most out of it.