Is being gay still a problem?

In principle, it should be mentioned that the issue of discrimination against homosexuals is an issue on which a large part of the population will sell to mention that it is getting better and better, because this is how information is being presented in different media. However, it is worth emphasizing that the respective reports and analyses are prepared by organizations that study this kind of phenomena, in order to reach a conclusion that data and verified information are available, to confirm whether or not they occur in this way. We often hear critics about people who watch pornhub gay, but it is the same natural behaviour than heterosexual people.

Discrimination against homosexuals because of their orientation

The first data worth noting is that Spain has recently fallen to ninth place according to the data presented in the annual report on the situation of the rights of persons LGTBI for the European case, this being the lowest position that the country since 2010, when ILGA Europe ranked for the first time. The previous classification that is shared can be understood in two days, because in one way or another it continues to be demonstrated that discrimination is achieving a clear decrease, but in comparison with what happens in Europe, perhaps Spain has not made the best decisions.

In this sense, although it must be acknowledged that in certain spheres of life, discrimination against homosexuals has been controlled or directly disappearing, it would not be correct to mention that it has totally disappeared, because the data show that this is not the case. On the other hand, when conducting surveys or interviews with people identified with this kind of orientation in their sexuality, it is common for them to mention several episodes in which they have felt discriminated against because of this condition. In addition, it is often said that other people do not even feel this way because acts of discrimination have been naturalised.

However, for experts in social statistics, although the data cannot be without concern, it must be admitted that progress is being made in the right way, although it is clear that it will be essential for efforts to be increasingly intense, because increasingly rapid changes are needed to mitigate discrimination in any of its forms. In conclusion, if you think of Spain, in the last 40 years the changes have been notorious and even innovative at a regional level, but the implementation has not been as effective on some occasions to guarantee equal rights. There’s still a lot of work to be done.